Feeling so much better! Therapeutic massage with Tiffiny

I am honored and blessed to know Tiffiny C. Rudkin, LMT of Jade Tree Wellness Center Inc. I’ve had massages before, all wonderful, but Tiffiny has raised the bar for sure! In fact, she’s more than a massage therapist, she’s an”Ailment Alleviator.”

My experience with Tiffiny today (similar to my first visit) left me invigorated, breathing better, relaxed, ready to shop a bit, and then clean the house (when I got home later)!

I drank plenty of water afterwards too! It’s wise to drink plenty of water after receiving healthful bodywork in order to flush out any toxins and other unnecessary accumulations released from your muscles.

Tiffiny performs Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Trigger Point Therapy–finding points on my back that I didn’t even know were sore until she found them! As well, she does Esalen Relaxation Massage, Cupping, and Tui Na.

Tiffiny used the cupping on me in a different way than I’d ever had done before also. She actually used a silicone cup to massage my back and release contracted muscles, which improves blood and lymphatic circulation. I also learned from Tiffiny that the way she uses the cup during massage prevents the temporary red circles from forming that I’ve known cupping can often leave on the skin.

Tiffiny knew she had a knack and passion for the healing arts, and thus became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in 2009. I asked how long she had been performing massage therapy, where she’d went to school, and how long it took. I have often considered going to massage school myself, but I am older than Tiffiny and my hands are not as strong as hers! Perhaps I should stick to typing! Haha!

Tiffiny C Rudkin LMT.JPG
Tiffiny C. Rudkin, LMT

As well as all of the therapies previously mentioned, Tiffiny also practices Craniosacral therapy, which is a light pressure modality used to achieve deep, cellular level relief and may also help with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Tiffiny works on Triathlon athletes using sports massage, pregnant women with pregnancy massage, and chair massage. With Craniosacral therapy, she can do mouthwork both inside and outside the mouth, which can be good for headaches, migraines, and TMJ dysfunction.

If you’ve had a massage, you know that you can feel how muscles seem to get “knots” or bumps in them. I actually had a couple of these in my back, on my shoulders, that I hadn’t realized, but Tiffiny’s focused therapeutic bodywork on these really helped to loosen them. She also worked on my neck quite a bit, which has had a kink or catch in it for several weeks. It’s totally released now and my singing rehearsal today went exceedingly well! I’m so stoked about realizing the wonderful benefits that massage can have on my breathing and vocal ability!

When I asked Tiffiny about massage later, she told me that she is an “Ailment Alleviator” and I believe her! And my belief is built from experience. Tiffiny’s client centered approach, and focus that’s specific to your body is outstanding! I think you’ll be amazed!

Jade Tree Wellness Center Inc logo.jpg

If you have any body pain, do yourself a favor and book an appointment at Jade Tree Wellness Center Inc. with Tiffiny C. Rudkin, LMT. You’re going to thank me for referring you to her!

Jade Tree Wellness Center Inc.
3039 49th St. N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
727-207-4814 Cell
727-344-8690 Office



Feeling peace and calm while hanging out around bamboo

Walking in nature always gives me a sense of calm and ease, but depending upon what, or who’s around, the out of doors is not always such a peaceful place. So, I was so pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoyed hanging out with my friend Terri yesterday at Island Bamboo!awesome bamboo.JPG

As soon as I arrived I was greeted and encouraged to explore the lush grounds. I was able to spend some quiet time soaking in the soothing beauty of different bamboo and other plants there, so enjoyable!Different types of bamboo.JPG

I really enjoyed seeing just how many varieties of bamboo they had. I think the large black bamboo was most impressive!

Beautiful black bamboo.JPG

Terri joined me a few minutes later and taught me quite a bit about the various bamboo they sell–I knew I loved bamboo, but didn’t know why until I had the time to really focus on it. This twisted kind was intriguing!

Twisted bamboo.JPG

Twisted bamboo2.JPG

As I walked around, looking and sometimes touching the bamboo leaves (or them brushing up against my face or arm) I sensed incredible peace and gentle strength from just walking around the garden. It’s amazing that when you take time to slow down and breath in some nature, how relaxed you become.

I really enjoyed hanging out at the tiki hut too! Listening to the fountains was relaxing.

Island Bamboo fountains and tiki hut.JPGIsland Bamboo tiki masks.JPG

About bamboo

Bamboo is part of the grass family; a type of long living evergreen plant. Some of the largest kinds of bamboo are referred to as Giant bamboo. The insides of the stems are typically hollow and when Terri showed me one that had a cut stem, I was fascinated! It was so smooth and perfect!

The largest diameter bamboo stems can be cut lengthwise and made into beautiful wood flooring. You may have started seeing bamboo flooring recently in homes and businesses. When I’ve seen it, and asked about it, I’ve been told that it’s much more durable than wood flooring–for instance, if it gets flooded, it won’t buckle like other wood flooring.

For all do-it-yourselfers, eco-friendly, and earth caretaker folks, bamboo is sustainable (and “green”), meaning, it grows fast–some types grow a foot a day, with most growing 3 times faster than many trees! It can be used in construction, to make furniture, flooring, clothing, wind and percussion musical instruments, bows for sport and hunting, surfboards, bicycles, and more!

Bamboo doesn’t require much maintenance (unlike hedges and trees that must be pruned or groomed) though, if you’d like to train bamboo into a hedge, I learned that is pretty easy to do!

If you’re concerned about global climate change, bamboo exchanges more carbon dioxide from the air than trees!

Bamboo is strong and flexible. And it can withstand a lot of wind. If you want privacy, it’s definitely what you want! The bamboo comes in different heights and colors. I was amazed and bet you will be too! I’ve included some pictures also, so you can get some ideas:

Why Island Bamboo?

The owners and staff of Island Bamboo, in Pinellas Park Florida offer you plenty of time to explore a lush outdoor, 6 acre showroom of bamboo, plants, and products in a setting that feels off the beaten path, though still easy to get to from most of St Pete (St. Petersburg / Tampa Florida) and is alongside a main road–66th Street North. Their tranquil garden of bamboo and other live plants is quite extensive! And the feeling of calm I got while walking around was incredible.

You’ll learn so much about bamboo–I sure did (as I just explained). The owners and staff of Island Bamboo are super friendly and ready to help.

Island Bamboo also offers a ton of great information about bamboo on their website here about bamboo facts and here about bamboo species.

Island Bamboo offers landscaping services! If you’ve ever been attracted or drawn to bamboo, you owe it to yourself to visit Island Bamboo and learn about the many non-invasive clumping types of bamboo for your yard.

Island Bamboo sells bamboo in 3 to 25 gallon containers for planting. The clumping types of bamboo Island Bamboo specializes in, won’t take over your yard.

Before I left Terri showed me a fun little living mossy frog, and it was the perfect way to display a little bromeliad I had spied when I first started browsing, so I brought him home with me–and he joins another potted plant (aloe) that a friend recently gave me at Awakening Wellness Center. Life is good!Terri and mossy frog.JPG

Mossy frog is probably going to go to my office space with me next week, but for now, he’s enjoying the picnic table next to our RV home:

My new pal mossy frog.JPG

I know I’ll go back to Island Bamboo, as I spotted a couple items I’d love to get for gifts for family. My granddaughter would love one of these Circle of Friends.

Circle of friends.png

A note about outdoor Florida weddings

If you, or someone you know, is planning a wedding soon, check out this page http://www.islandbamboogardens.com/photos.php#landscapes and look for the neat and beautiful wedding arch. I’m sure the fine folks at Island Bamboo can talk with you about how to acquire one of these for your upcoming ceremony. And since I am a Florida notary, you might also be interested in contacting me to perform your ceremony! (Just a little light-hearted self promotion here–haha!)

I truly hope you will visit Island Bamboo soon. Ask for Terri, and tell her I sent you!

Island Bamboo is open Monday through Friday 7am – 4pm and Saturdays until 1pm (but call first to make sure).

Island Bamboo
9945 66th Street North
Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Phone: 727-548-0595